Why are Fire Roller Doors Installed in Commercial and Industrial Environments?

Fire safety is paramount in any commercial or industrial setting. Anyone who operates in this type of environment will be well versed in health and safety across the board, and in the importance of protecting against the spread of fire. Fire roller doors are routinely installed to offer protection from fire, as well as general security, helping to secure the premises and help stop the spread of fires and smoke. This makes the building a safer environment for all, and it’s essential that fire safety is carefully considered as part of an employer’s duty of care to their employers. There will also be regulations that must be adhered to in terms of fire safety, that will change depending on the industry and the particular environment.

If you work in this kind of environment, fire safety needs to be an important consideration. It’s not something that can just be breezed over because it has to be central to the design of the building, and the types of features that are installed. This means considering it from the very start, once the building starts to be fitted out for the use of your company. If the building you work in isn’t suitable for its purpose, it will need to be adapted to make sure that it is.

Fire regulations and fire safety: what are the regulations that apply to industrial and commercial buildings?

Commercial fire safety legislation in England and Wales is categorised under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The Building Regulations Approved Document B volume 2 covers fire safety in buildings other than dwellinghouses. The different sections that are covered are means of warning and escape, internal fire spread, external fire spread, and access and facilities for the fire service. Fire roller doors are very important in controlling and minimising the spread of fire and smoke. When looking at all applicable fire regulations for your building, make sure you consider your individual circumstances and building type. It’s important you consider all aspects of fire safety.

Fire safety roller shutters: what are they and why are they useful in fire control? Do be aware that fire safety roller shutters won’t help to prevent fires from occurring in the first place – this is up to you to implement good fire safety standards in the workplace. What they will do is control the spread of the fire and smoke, keeping it contained so that it can be tackled effectively. The roller shutter will be fitted into the opening to and will open vertically to control access as well as being important for fire safety. There are two main types of fire roller doors and curtains: fabric flame curtains, and fire rated roller shutters. The flame curtain is automatically activated in the event of a fire alarm or power failure, dividing up open spaces to help slow the spread of a fire. The fire roller shutter door is electrically operated and is a steel slatted curtain, with a galvanised steel box assembly and guide rails.