Should you Consider Residential Security Grilles?

Security grilles are not just for commercial properties: there are many residential security grilles that are perfect for homes. They can make a property safer, give homeowners peace of mind, help to increase security and may even lower insurance premiums too, because of the additional security they bring with them. Don’t rule out the option of installing security grilles at your residential property, as they bring with them many benefits that you will really appreciate.

At the moment, many people are spending more time at home than ever before. That doesn’t always mean that your property is safer though, as many burglaries happen at night anyway, when they are more inconspicuous. There has also been a rise in some crimes, which is making homeowners more concerned and is leading them to look into protecting their properties. If your home looks like it could be an easy target, you might get unwanted attention from potential thieves, who could notice your home and monitor it, or attempt an opportunistic break in. Security grilles are both a deterrent and preventative measure. Their presence shows that a property is well reinforced and can be enough to put off many thieves and criminals who don’t want to attempt a more risky break in. If someone does still attempt to break into your home, then security shutters and grilles will make it harder to do so. Most beak ins occur using a ground level door or window, so these are often the entry points that people choose to protect with security grilles.

Will Residential Security Grilles Affect Aesthetics? Can You Still Consider Them if you Want Natural Light, Kerb Appeal and an Attractive Home?

Modern security grilles are usually retractable, so they can be opened up and neatly tucked away when you do not want them to be seen. This means you can keep your property looking its best, with unobstructed doors and windows, but implement additional security measures when you might want them as well, such as when you are out of the house, or at night time. Having retractable shutters can give essential peace of mind to many people who feel concerned about the safety of their homes.

Security grilles themselves are not unattractive, either. Don’t think of the kinds of shutters that you see on shops and commercial retail shutters that you might see. Domestic shutters are much different, designed not to look out of place on a home. If you have them drawn across, they will still let light through and there are various grille patterns you can choose from. They come with prefinished powdercoat colour options for an attractive finish, in keeping with the rest of your property. As they are collapsible, though, they can be drawn back at any time you choose, so you never have to have them in full view if, say you’re at home and want to look out of the window, or you want your home to make a good first impression when you have guests coming round.