Securing your vehicle

Your vehicle may be very important to you. You may need it for work or for getting out and about to see friends / family or to take the children to and from school. The thought of waking up one morning to find your vehicle missing terrifies all of us and there are things you can do to try and ensure you don’t become the next victim. Car alarms are a very basic safety feature that you should check works. Most cars have a standard factory fit alarm installed by over time these can get disconnected or stop working so it is vital that you check them from time t time. An alarm can be enough to wake you up and stop the people in the act of breaking in or alert your neighbours that something is happening if you are away.

An immobiliser is an electronic device which prevents a car from being started by someone who doesn’t have the proper key. Again many cars have these fitted as standard, but if your car doesn’t then it is worth investing in one. Even if someone manages to get in to your car, they will not be able to drive it.