Fire safety within your home

Fire risks within the home is a major concern for many people. Fires can start quickly and spread quickly with little or no warning and often it is not the fire that actually kills, but the inhalation of smoke that is created.

It is important to constantly be aware of fire risks within the home and come up with a plan of action should you fall victim to a fire. You need to think about all the people in your home and how you would get them to safety if a fire was to take place in different locations.

The easiest was to protect your home is to install high-quality fire alarms. Ideally, these alarms should be wired into the mains which means you will no longer have to worry about replacing batteries. Some of the more sophisticated alarms will be able to detect smoke from fires but will not go off if you have just burnt a piece of toast for example. Make sure that you install at least one smoke alarm upstairs and one downstairs and test them regularly.

It may be worth having a fire blanket in your kitchen and even an extinguisher as small fires may be able to be put out before they begin to take over.