CCTV Security Systems

Since its inception years ago, CCTV or Closed Circuit Television has monitored protected and helped to solve crimes. It has been used in homes, businesses and in the public to monitor safety or look for possible crimes or misbehaviour.


More often than not you can get CCTV systems to fit any budget. If all else fails and you are looking just to “scare” intruders you can get imitation cameras that can be fixed into walls for a fraction of the cost. Obviously you will not have the actual benefit of being able to review footage if you do have any crimes take place.

Systems vary from wireless to wired and come in a range of different resolutions. The higher resolution the better the detail although it will take up a lot of storage space to keep if you use DVD’s, hard drives or VHS. With the systems consider the placement in relation to access to power, any backup power sources, ease of maintenance and make sure they are out of the way of tampering.